Environmentalists! It’s Time to Get Real

The Ranking Members of Natural Resources, Judiciary, Parks & Public lands and Homeland Security, have introduced legislation to allow the Border Patrol to enter public lands, which have become safe havens for drug smugglers, illegal aliens and, possibly, terrorists.  The bill, H.R.5016, specifically instructs the Departments of Agriculture and Interior to no longer “impede, prohibit, or restrict activities of the Secretary of Homeland Security on public lands.”
What’s this all about?  It’s about the environmentailists and environmental organizations who are, once again, on the wrong side of an issue that has had devastating effects on America’s national forests and wildlife refuges.  Illegal aliens have burnt down millions of acres of our national forests with their campfires.  They have dumped millions of metric tons of garbage along the smuggling routes, turning our pristine wilderness into a garbage can.  They have destroyed the population balance of our country … and the environmental movement is not just silent about this ecological disaster, they are actively engaged in supporting the other side!
If you are an environmentalists or have friends who are, talk to them about what is happening and beg them to contact their environmental organization.  Tell them that if they really care about the enviroment, they have to get the organizations they support to get real on this issue.  They have to put their petty political biases aside and do the job they are tasked with – protecting the environment.  And that means joining with those who want to stop the surge of massive illegal immigraiton that is destroying our country and our environment.  Help them to recognize illegal immigration as the greatest of all environmental threats to America!

About Ed Nelson

Ed is a political activist focused on national security; sovereignty; limited government, personal freedom and fiscal responsibility.
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