100,000 illegal aliens give birth each year in California

Each year, more than 100,000 illegal alien women set anchors in California, human anchors, that is. The illegal alien women give birth to ‘100,000 anchor babies’ giving them an instant family tie to a U.S. citizen.

But who pays for their medical care? The state and federal taxpayer funded Medicaid program, Medi-Cal pays. Births to illegal immigrants and related expenses cost the program more than 40 percent of the $1 billion it spends each year on health care for illegal aliens.

California has long been a generous state in offering such services to illegal immigrants. Everything from pregnancy tests to postpartum checkups is covered.

Groups seeking better enforcement of immigration laws argue that such ‘birthright’ U.S. citizenship for babies born on U.S. soil is an incentive for illegal immigrants to have their children here.

Prenatal care is one of the most controversial aspects of providing health care to illegal immigrants. While labor and delivery long have been considered emergencies, entitled to federally-funded care, federal officials have balked at covering prenatal care.

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One Response to 100,000 illegal aliens give birth each year in California

  1. Mary W. Epling says:

    I think it is really sad that these illegals can come into this country and get medical care when people that are citizens are unable to obtain health insurance and get health care. I have not had any health insurance for 5 years and am unable to obtain any. But I am a nurse and worked for a family of illegals who had healthcare covered for whatever they needed. When I found out they were illegals, I quit my job and refuse to work for them again. I do not need to support these illegals that do not pay taxes and are not even citizens of this county. They cannot speak nor understand English. I am just sick of it all.